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About Us

MaiAx is an M&A advisory boutique, highly specialised in business sales, mergers and acquisitions in the European Energy industry. MaiAx Advisors B.V. , formerly MaiAx Consultants B.V., was founded by Rolf van Nauta Lemke in 2004.

Given the highly sensitive nature of M&A transactions, MaiAx enforces a strictly confidential, no-names policy. MaiAx works on a highly confidential basis, ensuring we stay far away from publicity and so ensuring the most tranquil working environment for the execution of M&A transactions.

Management Team

Our teams

The specialists behind MaiAx cover a broad range of industry knowledge and experience. MaiAx assigns teams from a wide spectrum of experienced specialists, teams are selected and composed exactly matching the project needs.


MaiAx Advisors is based in The Hague, The Netherlands.  The Head Office address is Han Stijkelplein 22, 2597 NS, The Hague, The Netherlands.


MaiAx also works with an exclusive network of affiliated companies, including: